A little about us

Plastic Bottle at Beach

Doing our part

In our household we now use zero waste soap bars, no hand wash or shower gel bottles!

The wrapping we use is biodegradable, compostable & recyclable.

Goats milk soaps are so creamy & moisturising that we use them every day in the shower, bath & by the sink.

"Little changes help, If we all helped just a little, think of the changes we could make"

Blissful Bubbles


The Start Of Blissful Bubbles 

Our 14 year old son  Zain has suffered from Eczema since he was 6 weeks of age.  Covered from head to foot, horrendous nights of trying to calm him when he's clearly in pain. Bath time & nappy changes were the worst & just heart-breaking. Although Zain's Eczema is thankfully under control now, finding a shampoo, shower gel or soap for him to use has had its problems.

Since making my own soap he can use all of my products with no flare ups which is just fantastic for Zain.

My 12 year old daughter Ruby who has Psoriasis, uses my shampoo bars which are goats milk based & has helped so much in calming her scalp down when she has a flare up.

So for me its happy kids = happy mum=win win & maybe at some point a night sleep uninterrupted lol