Blissful Bubbles are forever making soap, we're up & running daily.

**Freshly made in our Hampshire kitchen.

**Biodegradable, compostable  & recyclable packaging.

**Sustainable & Eco friendly products.

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Goat’s milk is naturally high in vitamins and minerals and rich in butterfat's which makes it the perfect moisturiser. Vitamin E which is the skin’s best friend, is found in abundance. A creamy smooth texture that is a fabulous moisturiser and nourishing for the skin.

Pink Bubbles

Here at Blissful Bubbles we use the best ingredients, Shea & Cocoa butters, Essential oils, Kaolin clay, Activated charcoal, Aloe Vera & the list goes on.

I've personally gone from children who I had to remind to wash their hands, to children who are now constantly in the bathroom with a soap lol. These soaps are so creamy & moisturising; we use them every day in the shower, bath & by the sink. We now only use soap, no shower gel bottles, no shampoo & conditioner bottles, all zero waste bars. The wrapping we use is biodegradable, compostable & recyclable wrapping.

My 13 year old son has suffered from Eczema since he was 6 weeks of age. He can use any of our soaps with no flare ups. My 12 year old daughter has has Psoriasis for the past 7 years, using our shampoo bars which are goats milk based has helped so much in calming her scalp down when she has a flare up too.

So for me its happy kids = happy mum!

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