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Starting Craft Fairs

This was my Mom's idea, she pushed me till I said yes but I'm so glad she did as I absolutely love doing them. We are a Mother & Daughter team who get on fabulously anyway but Fair days are our girly days together as well as selling what I love to make. She always says that she is just the driver lol but Mom is so much more than that. She has financially backed this business from the start, without her help there's no way I could of gone at the pace I was & soaping every day. On top of that I love spending time with just me & Mom, we have a giggle & take the mic out of each other lol Love her to bits so I class this business as ours.

Always lacked confidence but doing craft fairs has changed that, love meeting & talking to new people. To begin with it took me right outside my comfort zone, but by the end of the first fair we did, I was hooked! Plus craft sellers tend to stick together & I'm lucky to say that I have made some good friends since attending fairs.