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I'm thinking the first soap creation was a fluke!

It's pretty sad to say the first soap I created I was over the moon with, literally so chuffed with myself there I am jumping around the kitchen! lol It was a Lavender loaf and although I've tweaked the recipe I still sell in my shop eight months on. I love Lavender, it's a favourite scent of mine, very calming and relaxing.

Lavender Seeds Slice

From Lavender I then moved onto another favourite scent of mine, a gorgeous red & Cream colour Cherry loaf. Now with the first Lavender loaf I made it seemed pretty easy, but I couldn't of been more wrong with the Cherry lol I made four layers of reds & cream, left it overnight to set, still chuffed with my gorgeous scented second creation. Next morning I sliced it & the whole loaf separated in four sections where the layers had not adhered properly. This was my first mistake of many! Made the Cherry loaf again, different approach this time & no problems with the layers but its finished look resembled a pork chop! I did actually sell these but then decided on a new design for the Cherry loaf lol.

Pork Chops anyone?