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Soaping, Soaping & More soaping!

Lets just say I went head on into soaping! I loved every minute of it, the second my apron went on I was in soap mode, near on doing 5 hours straight every day. I had a note book for ideas, this book went everywhere as ideas were non stop, even took the book up to bed in case I woke up with an idea lol. Watching television programmes had me putting different colour ideas together, It did take over normal routine but soaping I had fallen in love with & there was no stopping me now, I had finally found my niche.

Cupcake Love Hearts Slice

Experimenting with colours & fragrances was fun & I made several loaves doing just that, but I wanted to try a range of Spa soaps which were a bit different. So more research was done & I found that Cocoa & Shea butters were so creamy & moisturising that I had to somehow incorporate them into the goats milk soap base. Once I'd realised the quantities of butter to use I then carried on to create some of my best soaps.