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Summer Time

Summer already! where has the year gone? Mad to think within a month were be back to planning Christmas lol

Anywho....back to doing lots of summer markets, fayre's & charity events which we love. Though the ones were not doing ever again is dog events lol being constantly asked "is everything you make for dogs then?" plus we had numerous dogs peeing up our gazebo & tables, dog owners laughing at it & my mother ready to kill each one who did & that's the owners not the dogs lol So staying away from dog shows is best me thinks!

This year we've decided to count up the amount of plastic bottles saved by using our soap slices instead of plastic hand wash bottles & shampoo and conditioner bars instead of more plastic bottles. Bearing in mind we only started April 2018, we've already saved up to 735! which we're very proud of, its our little bit for our planet.

Thank you to all our customers who have helped with our effort to end Plastic Waste In The environment xXx