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What a bad year so far for our planet!

Where to start?

I guess firstly its got to be the Corona Virus, which has completely changed our way of life! Scary times for everyone, constantly worrying about our loved ones, not being able to see them was just horrible, although not everyone stuck to those rules.

Shops running low & idiots panic buying, thinking of themselves and bugger the rest of us. I still can't wrap my brain around the footage of the amount of people on beaches & in parks! Why is it one rule for some of us and another for others?

We're all in this together so why can't we work together?

Last word on this would be our NHS who were beyond amazing, how they dealt with it day & night, they all need medals in my mind.

And to all who lost someone, from my family to yours our hearts go out to you. xXx

And now that god awful killing of George Floyd, is sad beyond belief that in this day and age these killings are still going on!

It absolutely disgusts me that some people think its ok to treat humans this way.

I find the whole thing embarrassing that they act this way.

We're humans for Christs sake not animals!

George was a father to little Gianna, a husband to Roxie and a friend to many.

This has to stop, we need change now!

Anyway rant over... that's my opinion!